PRF Injections in Lexington, KY

PRF for Cellular Rejuvenation

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Procedure Time

1 hour



Sessions Needed


Results Duration

6-12 months

What It Treats

PRF Injections are a concentrated source of platelets, white blood cells, and fibrin. When reintroduced into targeted areas of your face or body, PRF promotes natural collagen production and tissue repair—including stimulating hair growth. Ideal for both men and women seeking a more youthful appearance, the beauty of PRF Injections in Lexington, KY, lies in their natural approach.

PRF Injections treat issues such as:

Fine lines & wrinkles

Pore size

Hair loss

Volume loss

Under-eye circles

Acne scars

Uneven skin tone

Skin texture issues

Using Your Body to Heal Itself

Harness the Natural Healing Properties of Your Own Blood

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) injections include concentrated platelets and white blood cells extracted from the client’s own blood through a specialized centrifugation process.

Prepare for More Hair

PRF Injections for Hair Growth

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections at Lexington Prime can help you grow stronger, thicker hair and reactivate dormant hair follicles. PRF promotes hair growth through the concentrated growth factors and cytokines sourced from your own blood. When injected into the scalp, these bioactive substances: - Stimulate hair follicles - Enhance blood circulation - Encourage the regeneration of damaged tissues. In essence, your PRF Injections harness your body's natural healing processes, fostering a conducive environment for hair follicle nourishment and growth.

Look Inspired, Not Tired

PRF Injections to Address Under-Eye Circles

PRF Injections in Lexington, KY, can help with those bags you're carrying around under your eyes. When PRF is injected into the under-eye area, it may stimulate collagen production. This improves skin elasticity and promotes tissue regeneration. Both of these benefits can help reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes while also improving skin texture, reducing the puffiness often associated with that discoloration. Additionally, the platelets in PRF may help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin around your eyes, giving them a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Because every client is different, your individual results may vary.

Reduce Those Acne Scars

PRF Injections Can Help Reduce Scarring

When it comes to the scars left by acne, PRF injections can potentially help by promoting tissue regeneration and collagen production. When PRF is injected into the affected areas, it stimulates the body's natural healing processes, leading to the formation of new, healthy tissue. Over time, this tissue can help alleviate the pitting and uneven skin texture associated with acne scarring.  While PRF injections show promise in treating acne scars, individual responses can vary. It's important to consult with your dermatologist or Lexington Prime provider to assess your specific situation and determine the most suitable treatment plan for your acne scars.

What to Expect

The PRF Injection Process

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