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Natural Growth Factor Injections Treatments In Lexington, KY

Natural Growth Factor Injections Treatments In Lexington, KY

At Lexington Prime Aesthetics & Wellness, we proudly offer Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments, a groundbreaking aesthetic procedure that harnesses the natural healing properties of your own blood to rejuvenate the skin. Natural Growth Factor Injections is a concentrated source of platelets, white blood cells, and fibrin, which, when reintroduced into targeted areas of your face or body, promotes natural collagen production and tissue repair. Natural Growth Factor Injections can be a remarkable solution if you’re looking to address fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, under-eye circles, acne scars, or improve overall skin texture. Ideal for both men and women seeking a more youthful appearance, the beauty of Natural Growth Factor Injections lies in its natural approach.

Typically, results are noticeable within a few weeks, with optimal outcomes seen in three months. Depending on individual factors, these results can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. If you’re keen to embrace a more youthful, refreshed appearance, don’t wait. Reach out to us and book your Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment at Lexington Prime Aesthetics & Wellness today!

Benefits of Natural Growth Factor Injections Treatment

• Natural approach using your own blood, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.
• Promotes collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin.
• Provides wrinkle and fine-line reduction.
• Enhances skin hydration and radiance.
• Suitable for various skin types and tones.
• Minimally invasive with minimal discomfort.
• Quick and straightforward procedure.
• Addresses volume loss for a fuller appearance.
• Improves overall skin texture and tone.
• Long-lasting results with maintenance treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost anyone looking for a natural method to enhance their skin’s appearance and health can benefit from Natural Growth Factor Injections. However, a consultation with our experts at Lexington Prime Aesthetics & Wellness will determine your specific suitability.

Initial improvements can be noticed within a few weeks, but the best outcomes are typically visible around three months post-treatment.

The longevity of Natural Growth Factor Injections results varies, but they typically last between 12 and 18 months, influenced by individual factors like lifestyle and skin type.

Generally, there is minimal downtime after a Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment. Some may experience mild swelling or bruising, which fades within a few days.

Before the treatment, staying hydrated and avoiding excessive sun exposure is essential. Post-treatment, you should keep the area clean, avoid rigorous exercise for 24 hours, and follow any specific instructions provided by our specialists.

Blood is drawn at the beginning of the process. Your blood is then processed to extract the Natural Growth Factor Injections. This concentrate is then carefully reintroduced into targeted areas using fine needles. With minimal discomfort, the procedure is quick and you can return to your regular activities soon after.

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